If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” – Thomas Edison

We help individuals and organizations transform, develop and maximize talent to obtain deeper engagement, more accountability, more effective communication and self-management that results in a higher level of performance and more ROI.

Our Liz Plaster Companies coaching, presentations, professional development. training  and assessment programs are uses to enhance these specific areas:

Leadership & Leadership Development – BE MORE

The Bottom Line Perspective -Numerous studies explore the financial implication of emotional intelligence; particularly how higher EQ leaders produce more powerful business results. One such study tested 186 executives on EQ and compared their scores with their company's profitability; leaders who scored higher in key aspects of emotional intelligence (including empathy and accurate self-awareness) were more likely to be highly profitable.

Liz Plaster Companies  helps you move from  potential to “a leader who consciously aligns action to intention."

Performance (talent selection, growth, management & retention) – DO MORE

Getting the right people in the right seat on the right bus and having them be engaged and personally accountable IMPACTS:

Liz Plaster Companies addresses the needs of your specific culture to transform, develop and maximize your talent.