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Consider These Questions:

Because the demands on today's leaders are greater than ever, trust and effective team and people skills are critical.
  1. Do you or any of your team members feel isolated, overwhelmed and pressured to do everything?
  2. Do you and your team members understand your impact on others in the workplace?
  3. Are you challenged with difficult people, conflict and relationship skills?
  4. Would you like to increase your self-awareness, gain valuable unbiased feedback, and learn new behaviors to take action to make you a more effective leader?
EQ skills and more effective leadership strategies are learnable. There is no better way to become more effective in work and in life than through coaching.

What is coaching?
Coaching is a catalyzing relationship that accelerates the process of great performance. It is a nonjudgmental and confidential place to explore what matters… It is a skill set and performance improvement strategy designed to get the most out of the most valuable resource of any company - its people. It provides a clear, supportive and accelerated process to enhance the client’s ability to learn, make desired changes, solve problems and achieve goals.

What is EQ Coaching?
EQ coaching is an action coaching model for change that can lead to transformational expansion. EQ is NOT. . .“Being nice,” “Being emotional,” “Personality,” or “The opposite of IQ.” EQ is fusion. We are most powerful when emotion and thought work together. Emotional intelligence is the key to competitive advantage. Coaching is a tool that people use to increase this skill.

Emotionally intelligent leaders are more successful. Daniel Goleman, author of the bestselling book Emotional Intelligence, estimated that 90% of the difference between a “good leader” and an “excellent leader” can be attributed to EQ.

What is the coaching process?
The nature of our coaching objectives depends on the individual or organizational needs and objectives – every assignment is uniquely tailored to the individual, but often leads to improvement in these areas:  Liz Plaster Companies coaching typically uses assessment tools. Our preferred tool for emotional intelligence development is called the SEI, Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment, a statistically reliable, web-based self-assessment. This tool provides a structure for the client and is a springboard for concrete action and the creation of a personal development plan.

Executive coaching or phone training involves regular calls, assessments and other resources to support you and your team's unique needs and manage alignment with the organization.

What are the qualifications for Liz Plaster Companies' coaches?
All coaches are professionals with advanced, specific training and certification in coaching and Emotional Intelligence. Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds. Liz Plaster Companies knows that the synergy between the client and coach can positively impact the experience. We have a selection process in place to work with clients to create the most optimum match for movement forward.

Who hires coaches?
You might hire a coach for your organization when you want to improve productivity, increase teamwork, implement new ways of working, or adjust to changing conditions. A typical coaching client is someone who wants to make changes in his or her life and is ready to take action. You might hire a coach for yourself when you are looking for a new job, needing to improve your management skills, wanting to increase profits in your business, launching an ambitious new project, planning your retirement, or dissatisfied with some of the conditions in your life and seeking a new direction.

What are some benefits of coaching?
Coaching yields greater effectiveness and results both personally and professionally, individually and organizationally by helping individuals: Coaching provides a competitive edge to companies as they learn to integrate soft skills with business acumen to produce financial and intangible benefits.
How can the benefits of coaching be maximized?