Leadership Development and Acceleration

“In the fields I have studied, emotional intelligence is much more powerful than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader. IQ is a threshold competence. You need it, but it doesn't make you a star. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can.”
- Warren Bennis, Renowned Leadership Pioneer, Author and Researcher
Although a certain degree of “book smarts,” analytical and technical skill may get you to the leadership door, research studies indicate that the key to being an outstanding leader rather than one that is merely adequate is emotional intelligence (EQ).  We all know stories of highly intelligent and skilled executives being promoted and failing at the job. 

EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance.  EQ is also a better predictor than employee skill, knowledge or expertise. 

For example, the findings of the late David McClelland, the renowned research in human and organizational behavior provide a strong example of the power of EQ.  In his 1966 study of a global food and beverage company, where senior managers had a certain critical mass of emotional intelligence, their divisions outperformed yearly earnings goals by 20%. Division leaders without that critical mass of EQ underperformed by almost the same amount. 

BAD NEWS – You cannot increase IQ!

GOOD NEWS – You can increase EQ and increase your effectiveness as a leader. 

Emotional Intelligence consists of a set of distinct skills that can be identified through assessments.  It is entirely possible if you are aiming for a promotion, just want to be more effective, or are choosing which of your current reports can handle more leadership responsibility, to get a profile done to find out which skills are on the high and low side.  Coaching for EQ helps you internalize the learning, accelerating your effectiveness as a leader.

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