Executive Coaching: Intention to Results

Individual coaching accelerates personal and professional growth and is the best way to improve and leverage leadership productivity and performance. Understanding your triggers and internal drivers allows you to more consciously choose the thoughts, feelings and actions that will lead to more optimal results in your work and in your life. Executive Package available with customized program.

Team Coaching

Team coaching enhances interpersonal and communicative competence. It supports the team in developing clarity and focus about what work gets done and how it is accomplished, generating a higher level of performance.

Group Coaching

Powerful coaching and facilitation available for groups of people with a similar focus either in-house or multiple locations (ie. senior managers in multiple locations)

Life Coaching

Life coaching facilitates individual growth, helps individuals clarify what really matters, helps them manage career transitions, relationships and change with greater confidence, and brings intentions and actions into alignment with values.


According to one study, between 25% - 40% of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches

Another study revealed that training when combined with coaching increases productivity by 86% as opposed to a 22% increase with training alone.

According to Forbes “In North America… the executive-age population is nearing retirement. Companies need to start focusing on developing internal leaders...”EQ is a greater predictor of leadership success than either IQ or job experience. The single biggest factor that influences people's job satisfaction and engagement levels is the relationship they have with their boss.

A full 35% of newly promoted managers fail as a result of low EQ. As a leader, understanding your EQ and your team's EQ patterns can increase team collaboration, creativity and performance. Positive Performance LP works with executives to help them become leaders' people trust, respect and want to follow. We advise clients who want outside, objective expertise.


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