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EQ - The Differentiator in Sales

Sales and Customer Loyalty — The Emotional Intelligence Perspective

“Emotional intelligence skills seem to drive both the relationship aspects of sales, and the internal focus and drive of top sales performance. So the emotional skills of people in your organization have a profound effect on the relationship between the organization and its customers.”
Research suggests that EQ is the differentiating factor between potential and peak performance in sales. Emotional intelligence helps overcome indecisiveness and uncertainty; strengthen confidence and remove the mental and emotional obstacles that limitpersonal and professional growth, power and sales performance. High impact sales performance can be achieved when a learning process is used to develop the sales professionals’ cognitive, behavioral and emotional abilities. To move from potential to productivity and on to sustainable “peak performance” success despite industry volatility, it is necessary to cultivate emotional intelligence in harmony with a predictable, proven, uncomplicated and repeatable sales process.

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