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The TriMetrix® Assessment System

The TriMetrix® System eliminates the stress that comes from issues related to recruiting, hiring, retention, and employee development.

The best teams have great players when those players are used correctly!
By reviewing a TriMetrix System Comparison Analysis Report (see below) for a position you need to fill, you would be able to easily evaluate if there is a cultural and talent fit for a specific job candidate. As a hiring tool, this system gets behind each candidate's mask and identifies his or her true capacities to perform. This is far more than simply identifying behavior or assessing personality traits. The TriMetrix® System is accurate for virtually any of these positions in your organization:

The TriMetrix® Assessment System from Liz Plaster Companies measures the unique combination of factors required for superior performance in a specific job from a selection of 23 attributes, 6 values and 8 behaviors. It is composed of three separate analyses that enable a manager to identify whether a job applicant is an appropriate fit for a specific position in your culture.

TriMetrix Job Report:

If the job could talk, what would it say? This job benchmark evaluates and prioritizes which specific 7 attributes, 3 values and 3 behaviors are most necessary to performing the job successfully.

TriMetrix Personal Plus Report:

What talents will a person bring to the job? This report tells you exactly what attributes, values and behaviors a specific individual would bring to the workplace.

TriMetrix Comparison Analysis:

Can a person perform on the job? Will he or she perform it well? What will motivate him or her to superior performance? This analysis compares the job candidate to the specific job in the areas of Attributes, Values and Behaviors, giving you a precise, non-biased snapshot of the individual's capabilities as they relate to the specific job you want them to perform.

Customized Personal Coaching Report

Plus, we can provide you with a customized Personal Coaching Report™, along with personalized coaching sessions provided by an analyst from Liz Plaster Companies. The Personal Coaching report answers the question, “How should you coach a person to his or her highest potential once you've hired him or her?” This performance management tool gives you what you will need to communicate effectively with your employee, motivate him or her, and maximize the talents the person brings to the job.

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Most Liz Plaster Companies clients are professionals and entrepreneurs. They include corporate leaders,  accountants, attorneys, engineers, insurance agents, financial planners, real estate agents, health professionals and salespeople as well as business owners. They are typically successful and are looking for a way to increase their performance.

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